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Settle your dispute outside of court.

When you find yourself in a dispute with another party, mediation may be ordered by the court as a part of the litigation process. Mediation involves you, your lawyer, the other party, the other party’s lawyer, and a neutral mediator. The mediator facilitates discussion between the parties and may point out factors that may influence one or both parties’ attitudes or perceptions about the dispute.

Conflict Mediation in Western North Carolina

There are many reasons why mediation can be a beneficial option for resolving your dispute:

    • Efficiency—When you mediate a dispute, you do not have to rely on the court’s schedule. Instead, you can resolve the dispute according to your schedule and the schedule of the other party involved.
    • Privacy—When your dispute is resolved in a court of law, much of the information revealed in your case can become public record. With conflict mediation, any information you reveal is kept within the bounds of the mediation process, unless you specifically permit disclosure of any such information.
    • Control—During the conflict mediation process, you and the other party involved maintain control over how you want to resolve the dispute. With this approach, you are not subject to the decisions made by a judge or a group of jurors.

At King Mountain Law, we provide mediation services in Western North Carolina. If you have a conflict to resolve, we highly recommend using mediation as a starting point. For more information about our approach to conflict mediation and how we can help you resolve a dispute with an individual or an organization, reach out to us today.

At King Mountain Law, we offer conflict mediation services throughout Western North Carolina and the rest of North Carolina, including Waynesville, Bryson City, Hendersonville, Canton, Clyde, Murphy, Maggie Valley, Franklin, Sylva, and Asheville, as well as Cleveland, Ohio.