When to Use Family Mediation Outside of Divorce

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Family mediation can be a beneficial way to resolve conflict and come to a settlement during the divorce process. But family mediation can also be beneficial outside of the divorce process, particularly when it comes to resolving disputes or familial challenges.

When to Use Family Mediation Outside of Divorce

Here are a few times family mediation may be beneficial:

  • Coparenting challenges — Even after a divorce or separation, you and your coparent may still encounter challenges related to your parenting decisions. Family mediation can provide a helpful forum for addressing these issues.
  • Estate and inheritance disputes — When disputes arise among family members regarding the distribution of assets or inheritances, mediation can provide a private and less adversarial way to find solutions.
  • Blended family challenges — Families that have undergone transitions due to remarriage may experience conflicts related to discipline, roles, parenting, and expectations. Family mediation can help you navigate these issues as you get used to a new family structure.
  • Communication breakdowns — Family mediation can be used as a preventative measure when a breakdown in communication happens among family members. The mediation process can promote understanding, improve family relationships, and address underlying issues before they escalate.

If you are involved in a family dispute and are interested in family mediation, we would be happy to tell you more about this process. Contact us at King Mountain Law to receive more information and to set up a consultation.